How To Create a Free Website With Blogger And WordPress (0$) In 2019/

How To Create a Free Website With Blogger And WordPress ($0) In 2020

For creating a website like you need money. But, In this blog, we are talking about how to create a free website with Blogger and We also give you tips and tricks to achieve success on this platform. Those two platforms are famous and best for creating a free website. For creating a free website you need 10-15 minutes. So, let’s get started.



Blogger is the best platform for creating a free website. It is too easy for anyone. Here you need 4 steps for creating a website in Blogger. A Gmail account needed for taking the next step.

Step Number 1: Step 1 Sing In Your Gmail Account/


First of all visit Then click on (Create Your Blog). After clicking on this sign in your Gmail account.

Step Number 2: Step 2 Choose A Display Name/


After completing step one you enter a new page. Here provide your display name, it shows in your Blogger admin panel. Then click on (Continue to blogger).

Step Number 3: Step 3 Click On Create New Blog/


Now you see some instruction and European laws, read it or ignore it. This step is simple. Now click on (Create New Blog).

Step Number 4: Step 4 Provide Title & Address For Creating A Free Website/


This step is very important. Here provide your website title and address. Title and address (domain name) are very important for a website. What type of website do you want to build, provide a related name or keyword on title and address? For example, we want to create a food-related blog So, Title: Food Reviews Address: Now, hope you understand how to provide title and address. In blogger, you get a domain name with In later you can change BlogSpot to the top-level domain (com, net, org, info). Now your question is “How to change BlogSpot to dot com” well it is very simple. For details follow the link. Finally Get A Blogger Admin Panel/


After completing all the steps you will see a blogger admin panel. You can take a step to change layouts, themes and customize your blogger template. We recommend use SEO friendly themes for the blogger. It can help to get rank on any search engine.

This Beautiful Website Created With
This Website Created With and Adsense Approved


2.WordPress First Page For Creating Free Website/


For creating a WordPress website you must need a Gmail account. Now visit, you find a beautiful interface. Click on (Start Your Website) or in the upper site corner (Get Started), you will find a new interface. Here WordPress takes 7 steps to set up your website.

Step Number 1: step 1 for creating free website/


In the first step, you need to provide your email (or Gmail) address. Then choose a unique username and create a strong password (For creating strong password use 4 different characters like #Ab5 more than 8). Finally, click on create an account. You can also create your WordPress account with a Google account.

Step Number 2: Step 2 Provide What Kind of Site You Building For Create Free Website/


This step is very important. Here you choose what type or kind of website you want to build. If you want to do affiliate marketing, content writing, blogging choose a blog or want to promote products, service choose business or it is your personal, portfolio, work choose professional. Here online store type not free so ignore it.

Step Number 3: step 3 Blog About For Creating A Free Website/


That is a simple step, write about your website. It means what type of content you put on your website. For example, if you write about some gadgets in detail that is a review site.

Step Number 4: Step 4 Provide Blog's Name/


In this step, you provide your blog name. That will take place on the upper side of your blog. You can change it at any time.

Step Number 5: Step 5 Choose A Theme For Create A Free Site/


In this step choose a theme for your website. So, choose one and click on continue. You can also change it later. We highly recommend you, use WordPress free themes form This is another WordPress platform, Where you can find highly customizable, responsive, light-weight, fast-loading themes and plugins. So, find a perfect theme for your website.

Step Number 6: Step 6 Enter Domain Name/ Step 6 Choose Free Domain Name/


This step is very important for your website. You need to create a website address or domain name. Here you type your website niche related name or keyword (as we type techbd in the search box). You find many domain names you’re searching keyword related and most are premium not free. But below you see one free domain name. So you can click on it and now it is your website address.

Step Number 7: Step 7 Choose Free Hosting Plan/


It is the last step and also a very important step. When you complete your 6 steps you see a new interface with the different hosting plans. Those are premium but never be afraid, in the upper site you will notice that (Start with a free site). Click on it and set up a free website. Finally Get Your Admin Panel & Website/


Wow! You find a nice WordPress admin plane. Here you can custom your website as you expect or want. This admin panel is your backend editor. It also provides you frontend editor for live customization and views the result instantly.



Now, with WordPress or Blogger create your website. Niche or topic selection is very important for a website. So, choose a good niche by narrow down and write a post with a minimum of 500 words. Create pages (Privacy policy, Terms, about us, etc).  Add your website with Google webmaster tools and Google analytics for monitoring your website ranking, traffic, etc. After getting visitors to add Google Adsense to earn money by ads. You can also monetize your site by the affiliate program. So, create a free website and make money online.


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